田纳西州哈罗盖特,2023年10月17日—The 林肯纪念堂 University (LMU) Board of Trustees dedicated a bronze statue honoring General Oliver Otis 霍华德 in 校友 Park on the LMU Main 校园 in Harrogate, 田纳西州, 在一年一度的返校节庆祝活动中.

“It is very fitting to have a remembrance of General 霍华德 on this campus. Without his support, this institution would never exist,” LMU Chairman Autry O.V. “皮特,”德巴斯克说. “牧师.A. Myers got everything started with the Harrow Academy, but 霍华德 really took this to the next level. In recalling his conversation with President Lincoln not only did he give us an identity, 而是强烈的使命感和值得纪念的遗产.”

DeBusk和董事会委托 Rotblatt Amrany美术工作室 to create a tribute to 霍华德 based on another statue honoring the Civil War General, 葛底斯堡国家军事公园里的哪个. 艺术家Oscar Leon和工作室创始人Omri Amrany参观了葛底斯堡, 记录1932年建立的作品. 把它和霍华德的历史照片比较, they found that the Gettysburg statue was slightly out of proportion. 霍华德 appears taller in photographs than he is depicted on horseback in the 1932 statue.

“What this artist has created here by details is by far much more refined. With a little bit of changes from the Gettysburg statue we drew inspiration from, 奥利弗·奥蒂斯·霍华德将军的故事也是如此, 但更好的,阿姆兰尼说. “作为一群艺术家,我们发现, we’ve been called on again and again is to create the future history of the country. 这是一个很好的例子.”

霍华德, 缅因州人, was a career soldier serving in the Union Army during the Civil War and later assigned a tour of duty in the West. He was wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks, resulting in the amputation of his right arm. After a short recovery period, he returned to his post and was promoted to major general. He played a significant role at the Battle of Gettysburg and was sent by President Abraham Lincoln to join the fight in 田纳西州. 霍华德在带领11人的时候表现得很好th 在查塔努加战役中, an engagement which opened the way for future operations against Atlanta.

在战争结束时. 霍华德被选为难民局局长, 自由民和被遗弃的土地, 更广为人知的名字是自由民局. He promoted African American education on all levels and eventually played a key role in the founding of 霍华德 University. The institution was created by a group of congregational church members to train African American ministers. 霍华德 found land for the campus within the boundaries of the District of Columbia, used Bureau money to help pay for the land and sustained the college financially for many years. 由于他的努力,学校以他的名字命名.

In 1894, 享年64岁, 霍华德 retired from the Army following 44 years of continuous military service. Following his military career, he traveled the country as an acclaimed speaker. On one of his trips, in 1896, he returned to 田纳西州 and made a stop in the Cumberland Gap area. 在那里,他遇到了A牧师.A. Myers who had founded the Harrow Academy for underprivileged mountain families. 霍华德 agreed to help raise money for the school if Myers would expand its scope to include higher education. A year later, LMU was founded as a living memorial to President Abraham Lincoln. 霍华德 remained dedicated and involved with LMU through the end of his life in 1909.  

除了为霍华德雕像献礼, LMU unveiled a newly commissioned portrait of 霍华德 which was added to the 亚伯拉罕林肯图书馆和博物馆’s Civil War collection. Artist Tom Bluemlein painted the portrait depicting 霍华德 during the Civil War. 这个肖像项目是由蒂姆·马修斯协调的, LMU trustee and president and chief executive officer of Jewelry Television.

“I was reminded as I was thinking about Oliver Otis 霍华德 that one of his nicknames was the Christian Soldier. It reminded me of an old Christian hymn called ‘Onward Christian Soldiers,’” Matthews said. 我继续思考着这个词. I thought about how this so exemplifies the vision of the Board of Trustees and Pete DeBusk in moving LMU onward into the future.”

Also added the ALLM collection during 同学会 was a bronze bas relief entitled “The Preservation of the Union” by Julie Rotblatt Amrany. 这篇文章, while originally created for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential 图书馆 and Museum, this piece was cast specifically as a gift to LMU from Omri and Julie Rotblatt Amrany.

Abraham Lincoln and "the Preservation of the Union" is presented as an historical panorama from the founding of the nation through the Civil War, 以林肯对未来雄辩的展望而告终. The design and stylistic mark of the 21st century sculptors are unmistakable. The work is a montage with imagery moving in an evolution of metamorphosis. 艺术, 技术, and word imagery combine factually and emotionally in presenting the great theme of "to Preserve the Union".

这篇文章 is breathtaking -- within the intact outline of Federal Union, 各州各自展开斗争. 联邦解体的威胁. 一队奴隶从宪法的书页上走了出来, 它的页面变成了美国的故事. 南方各州正在剥离边陲地区, pages turning and rolling; The northern states remain intact; border states are not peeled away. 照片上方是尤利西斯将军的半身像. 格兰特,弗雷德里克道格拉斯,罗伯特. 李将军和杰弗逊·戴维斯手持邦联旗. The dilemma is shown, and Lincoln's monumental mission to Preserve the Union unfolds:

"...that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.——1863年葛底斯堡演说

"Plainly, the central ideal of secession, is the essence of anarchy.——1861年第一次总统就职演说


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